Je ziet het steeds vaker, mensen geven hun feestjes thuis. Dat komt onder andere omdat een gebouw daarvoor huren vele malen duurder is dan vroeger. In vergelijking op vroeger is de verwachting natuurlijk ook vele male anders, ook door bijvoorbeeld influencers die de gekste feestjes geven in Amerika. In dit artikel vertellen we je hoe je thuis ook gewoon een geweldig feest kunt geven!


Bij een huisfeest zul je zeer waarschijnlijk in je woonkamer staan, dat is zonder aankleding natuurlijk niet heel spectaculair. Door middel van een thema te bedenken kunnen jij en je gasten verkleed komen, maar is het ook stukken makkelijker om je eigen woonkamer te versieren. En natuurlijk zijn de hapjes ook belangrijk, zonder écht thema zal het toch moeilijk te kiezen zijn wat nu het beste past bij je feest.


Zoals eerder gezegd zul je zeer waarschijnlijk het feest vieren in je woonkamer, dan is het wel zo prettig om die woonkamer na het feest ook nog te kunnen gebruiken. Zorg er dus voor dat je woonkamer partyproof is, laat dus geen objecten van glas staan, de kans dat die omvalt om 03.00 uur s ’nachts is erg groot natuurlijk. Ondertussen dat je toch alle objecten weghaalt, kun je ook direct eventjes met de poetsdoek erdoorheen gaan, hierdoor komen al je gasten terecht in een spik en span huis.


Niet iedereen zal de luxe hebben van een vrijstaand huis. Hierdoor zul je dus bijna altijd rekening moeten houden met je buren. Je zou natuurlijk aan geluid verhuur kunnen doen, zo kun je een silent disco huren. Dan krijgt iedereen op het feest een koptelefoon op met gekke lichtjes, hierdoor kan iedereen op het feest genieten van de muziek zonder dat omstanders er last van hebben. Maar het belangrijkste is eigenlijk natuurlijk de muziek zelf. Stuur alle gasten een playlist door die hun kunnen invullen, hierdoor weet je direct welke muziek ze leuk vinden, en daar kun je dan met behulp van een specialist een goeie feest playlist op maken. Zo zul je gemakkelijk het muziek ‘probleem’ kunnen omzeilen. Karaoke is natuurlijk ook altijd een goed idee, ontdek hier de leukste Nederlandse karaoke liedjes en de 25 beste ABBA karaoke liedjes.


Eigenlijk kun je voor het drinken hetzelfde doen als bij de muziek, stuur iedereen een klein documentje door waarin hun kunnen aangeven welke drank ze het lekkerste vinden. Hierop kun jij naderhand de inkopen gaan doen!

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Caught in a trap? Music that catches you and doesn't let you go, that's what I thought about trap music when I first heard about it. What a weird name though, you must be wondering what the hype behind trap music is? After all, it is quite similar to dubstep and we all know just how big an impact dubstep has made on the music industry.

Many artists are defining music as the new dubstep; it certainly has become the new craze in the industry. Although the history of the genre dates back to a decade ago, it has only recently started to gain recognition and hype.

Many people consider the fact that since trap's crossover to EDM it has started to grow in demand with sold out glow-sticked arenas due to EDM Trap's popularity. The major reason why this genre has been ambushed by the world is the transformation trap music has gone through, with not as much rapping and more feet moving beats involved in the songs.

To get a better understanding of music, it could be broken down and described as a combination of dubstep, hip hop, and dance music.

So basically what kind of music is trap music? Traditionally it's a term generally used to describe hip hop music from the Southern regions of America. Music has pretty much become identifiable with Hip-hop and takes influence from the rap sound in the South.

Numerous artists like Flosstradamus, RL Grime, Baauer and Gladiator have had astounding demand since implementing trap into their own music.

Trap has become a raging craze with the masses of people at clubs, parties and underground gigs. It is no surprise that it is such a big hit with the people considering the music is so likeable and trap stylings can be injected into any form or style of music. No wonder it has caught everybody in its trap much faster than dubstep or electro and it's fairly simple to see why.

This was my second year in a row doing UMF and it was AMAZING. It also happened to mark my one year anniversary with my boyfriend! We were acquaintances who met up in Miami that fateful weekend and fell in love there. We knew we would have to go to Ultra every year after that!!

The first DJ we caught was Nicky Romero. A great energy to open our Ultra weekend! Then came Avicii with a strange set. Super strong start, everyone was rocking out SO hard. Great energy, great lightshow and then... live folk-inspired music. It was good, whatever it was. And it certainly proved Avicii could live mix quite well, only I felt it went on too long. The crowd become more and more confused about what was happening. People started to leave, wondering where their dance-beats went. Our crew stayed, enjoying the show. By the 5th folky song I turned to my boyfriend and said "Alright, that's enough. It's good and everything but I want to dance to some EDM. That's what we paid all that money for." I respect his new music and the courage to premiere it there. I just think it went on for too long and had too much "folk with a little EDM" rather than "EDM with a little folk." I wasn't the only one. Some tweet I read were far less forgiving! Avicii eventually had to defend himself via Facebook, although many were not convinced. I'm curious to hear the new stuff in a different environment though. I think I might like it.

Someone that demands a mention is none other that Mr. Tijs Verwest, also known as Tiesto, who finished off Friday night at Ultra. He really knows how to play a crowd. It's a journey, really. He pulls you up and takes you places you totally don't expect and then suddenly he's dropped it in some dub-house breakdown that I've never heard before but LOVED! It had to be good, especially since he got on the mic and said "expect the unexpected ultra!" and boy he did he deliver! Tiesto closed it down so strong on Friday I felt like he was closing down the festival. He never half-asses a set and I've seen him four times! Great set.

The return of Deadmau5 on Saturday was insane. I had never seen him before even though I've been listening to him for years. It was surreal hearing my favourite songs come to life and watching everyone dance to them. The light show was also incredible! Some were bored with what they called the "same old Deadmau5" but for me, it was flawless! Other Saturday highlight were Calvin Harris, who was so much fun to listen to and groove with friends and strangers alike. Although in EDM, no one is a stranger. Fatboy Slim is always a highlight for me. I love his wackiness, repeated vocals, fun and unapologetic style and the visuals are always unique. I also caught a little dubstep with Doctor P, Flux Pavillion, Zed's Dead and my favourite dub-master Bassnectar.

Then came my 12-hour day with ASOT600MIA! Unreal. Started the day with Tritonal and W&W, then left ASOT to check out NERVO, Zedd, and Porter Robinson. While I enjoy all those artists, I would have been delighted to stay at ASOT600 all day. I was brought nearly to tears almost immediately. There's just something about Trance that moves you.

About halfway through Porter Robinson we left so we could get in the VIP line early to see Above & Beyond and Armin van Buuren. See, the VIP tickets were awesome but at certain times the capacity for the VIP section would fill up and you had to wait ages to get it. We were in line for over an hour and Above & Beyond had already played half their set by the time we got in. We weren't concerned though, no one disappointed!!! This was my first time seeing Above & Beyond and it was amazing. So much connection with the crowd, so much love!! They had words coming up on their video screen throughout the set that were so beautiful and inspiring it brought tears to my eyes throughout the set. I truly felt connected to every person at that stage. Armin is my #1 DJ so I was euphoric about seeing him for the fourth time! He played his new single "This is What it Feels Like" feat. Trevor Guthrie and it was soooo beautiful! I've been listening to it on YouTube on repeat. Judge me.

After Armin we headed for the Main Stage to see the much-anticipated final performance by Swedish House Mafia. It was fun and emotion-filled, but I was quite tired so I didn't fight the crowd to get close or anything. I just danced closer to the back with my friends and boyfriend and then bolted for the exit by the last note!!

Luckily we were staying at the Inter Continental right across the street so we didn't have to bother with taxis or trains. Something we will do every year if we can!! The view of the festival from our room was priceless.

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